Kaal Sarp dosh puja is a highly beneficial one that can help alleviate the dire consequences ofKaal sarpdosh. The most auspicious time to do thispuja is the Amavasya day that falls on a Wednesday. Kaal Sarp dosh afflicts a person when all the seven planets occur in between Rahu and Ketu.

While the effects of Kaal sarp dosh can vary between persons depending on the planetary positions, in general, people affected by this condition shall face severe troubles, but there is no need to panic as there are some proven remedies suggested by our expert pandits to ward off the ill effects of Kaal sarp dosh.

KaalSarp Puja
  • Package - 1

    KaalSarp Puja without Samagri

    Pandit ji Dakshina - 3500/-

  • Package - 2

    KaalSarp Puja with Samagri

    Pandit ji Dakshina - 5500/-