It is one of the most significant and popular ceremonies to please Lord Shiva and is seen as the greatest spiritual puja in all the Vedic scriptures. Performing this pujabestows one with health, wealth and happiness and offers protection against enemies, negativity and evil. In this puja the Shiv linga is washed by the water, which continuously keeps pouring on it through a vessel along with the continuous chanting of Vedic mantra called the Rudra Sukhta.

Abhisheka is a ritual in the, which you worship of God with substances like milk (cow milk), Ghee, Curd, honey, coconut water, rice, water, sugarcane juice, powdered sugar and several more similar items as advised by pundits.

Rudrabhishek Puja
  • Package - 1

    Rudrabhishek Puja without Samagri

    Pandit ji Dakshina - 2100/-

  • Package - 2

    Rudrabhishek Puja with Samagri

    Pandit ji Dakshina - 3000/-